DOM – a Slovak in Belgium

DOM – a Slovak in Belgium

Rédigé le 27/04/2019
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by Dominika, 19 years.  In their artwork DOMinika illustrated the experience of her first days arriving in Belgium for the Expo-Sciences. […]


Landing in Brussels Dominika had serious difficulties in communicating with the locals as most of them did not understand English language. This sensation of foreignness made her choose to depict herself as a spider, an animal which most human beings have “mixed” feelings about. Most conversations were limited to an exchange of “hi” which Dominika showed through the spider’s eyes. The fact that the spider’s legs have the colours of the Belgian flag illusrate the impact of the environment for everbody coming to a foreign country.


Dominika (left) hanging up “DOM the Slovak spider” together with Roman Kroke (German artist and director of the workshop).