The European Tree

The European Tree

Rédigé le 05/05/2019
A Pen 4 EU

by "Team Canada" (Canada), 16-19 years. This Canadian group had come to Brussels to the Expo-Science workshop of the Jeunesses Scientifiques de Belgique. For all of the boys it had been the very first time to set foot on the European continent. With their artwork they reflect their image of "Europe" in comparison to their Canadian homeland. [...]


What caught most their eyes when arriving in Europe was the multitude of old, historic buildings. An architecture which appeared to them like witnesses from long ago, reflecting the diverse epochs of European history. Compared to this, the rather new architecture from their Canadian homeland seemed like “trees without roots”. Because of this rich history, they decided to represent Europe as a tree with long roots.


The diversity of the history is illustrated by using multi-coloured wires symbolizeing the roots.