People connected by ART

People connected by ART

Rédigé le 27/04/2019
A Pen 4 EU

by Camille With her sculpture Camille illustrates how she experienced the role of the art workshop "A pen for Europe". [...]


The plastic cups with different colours respresent different people, with different backgrounds (nationality, age, …) working on different scientific topics. At the BOTTOM of the pyramid Camille represented the situation at the BEGINNING of the Science exhibition in Brussels: The people and their topics were isolated, standing next to each other, without a real connection. If we follow the metal wires upwards towards the top of the pyramid we can see how Camille experienced the further development by participating in the workshop. By sitting next to each other during the creation of their artworks, the people had the chance to get into contact, to exchange their personal stories and scientific ideas. In their art they were then able to unite different topics in one single work. This effect Camille symbolized at the top of her pyramid where the different people and topics are represented by ONE SINGLE plastic cup – and the different colours are no longer isolated.