Rédigé le 26/04/2019
A Pen 4 EU

by Angélica, 27 years. Angélica's artwork represents a tree. Its trunc is composed of natural materials (wood) whereas its crown is made of technological elements (CDs, DVDs). [...]


What are our roots? What role plays the heritage of our ancestors in our lives?  And how could it help us to cope with the challenges of today’s world? The CDs/DVDs as data carriers and storage mediums of the modern world also ask us how we preserve the knowledge of the past. Angélica’s tree could be taken as a symbol of how past and presence are connected. A symbol which also questions us how we can create a harmoneous unity between traditional ways of living and the preservation of nature on the one hand, and the technological progress on the other hand.


How do YOU preserve the memories of the past?