Europe melting into America

Europe melting into America

Rédigé le 27/04/2019
A Pen 4 EU

by Calan (Brussels/Belgium), 10 years. Calan's artwork shows a futuristic scene in outer space where time and space have melted together into a new relation. [...]


We see a white rectangular spaceshuttle which is about to fly over our planet earth. But the continents of Europe and America as we know them – devided by the Atlantic Ocean – have melted together into ONE SINGLE continent. In such a situation, the encounter of people in three dimensions – and not only via internet – would be easier to accomplish.

Calan’s work raises the question of how the understanding between the people would be affected if they were geographically united.


During the creation of the sculpture: Calan (left) and the Berlin artist Roman Kroke, director of the workshop, are looking for artistic solutions to represent Calan’s ideas.