A Pen 4 EU le 09/05/2019

The battle for Europe: What can culture do?

Europe is under attack from both inside and outside its borders. It’s no exaggeration to describe what is happening as the ‘Battle for Europe’. From the inside, the attacks come from those who would re-nationalise Europe, seal it off and turn it into a copy of its former self, when hostilities betwe

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A Pen 4 EU le 04/05/2019

Connecting Difference – ONE Goal

by Nataliya For her artwork Nataliya got inspired by the atomium, the emblematic landmark of Brussels, host of the Expo-Science Exhibition. In her artwork Nataliya rebuilt part of the structure of the atomium: its molecules she represented by the four light bulbs situated at the corners of the sc

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A Pen 4 EU le 26/04/2019

“Robot with a Heart”

by Jose Antonio Already at his young age, Jose Antonio is extremely passionate about all kinds of technological inventions and scientific progress. In his artwork, he has given birth to one of his futuristic dreams: A robot who is alive and able to have emotions - a robot with a HEART! [...]Foto

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