Connecting Difference – ONE Goal

Connecting Difference – ONE Goal

Rédigé le 04/05/2019
A Pen 4 EU

by Nataliya For her artwork Nataliya got inspired by the atomium, the emblematic landmark of Brussels, host of the Expo-Science Exhibition. In her artwork Nataliya rebuilt part of the structure of the atomium: its molecules she represented by the four light bulbs situated at the corners of the sculpture. [...]


For Nataliya, the atomium could be taken as metaphor: representing a family, a society, a single state, a community of states, the entire world population or even a variety of ideas and concepts.

With her artwork, Nataliya wants to express that in order to hold together, all of these collectives need a certain structure. A secure static of their union depends on reliable links between the different molecules. Nataliya used the pens to represent this link, which could, for instance, stand for channels of communication and exchange. At the same time the pens also guarantee a certain distance between the different members of the collective. This illustrates that despite their union it is also important not to eliminate but to protect their different identities.

In the middle of the sculpture all four light-bulbs are connected to one central bigger light-bulb. For Nataliya, this bulb represents a common goal of all members of the collective, for instance to live in peace.

At the bottom of the central light-bulb Nataliya attached a variety of electronic cables. They symbolize the “roots” of the central light-bulb providing the energy to make it shine – or, in other words, to achieve the common goal. By using multi-colored wires for the roots, Nataliya wants to express that realizing a common goal for a community is a complex challenge. It needs a diversity of conditions in order to succeed. For instance, the protection of human rights, social values, financial stability, etc.