The battle for Europe: What can culture do?

Europe is under attack from both inside and outside its borders. It’s no exaggeration to describe what is happening as the ‘Battle for Europe’. From the inside, the attacks come from those who would re-nationalise Europe, seal it off and turn it into a copy of its former self, when hostilities betwe


CAN SLOW DOWN?I have been Erasmus in Slovenia for six months but I have also lived in other countries outside Europe (Egypt, USA, Colombia). I was very pleased with this long stay in Ljubljana and I was able to confront the representations I could have from Central Europe and the former Yugoslavia.

What does Europe bring me?

By CélineBring Me the Horizon ! The European Union allows me to discover new countries, new cultures, new monuments … But also to be able to do my studies or to work easely in an EU member country.L’Union Européenne me permet de pouvoir découvrir de nouveaux pays, de nouvelles cultures, de nouveaux

Forteresse Europe

© Caricature by LéaFor more than ten years I have been drawing and painting, I started my first classes in workshop. Since then, I have concentrated on painting which is for me today a means of expression. As a Social Science student I try to take a critical look at European politics.“Cela fait plus

So similar so different ?


Engagement associatif ou politique?
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Voter est-il utile?
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Le vote est-il utile?
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Je vote - Mode d'emploi

Mode d'emploi pour voter La brochure à télécharger en PDF


Je vote - Mode d'emploi

Différents types d'élections

Les primo-votants

Outil 1: Citoyen toi-même !

"Le vote conscient" TV 10 min RTBF
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Emission radio Décryptage
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Emission radio 2 Décryptage
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Emission radio 3 Décryptage
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Emission RADIO Elections
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